George Murphy & The Rising Sons



George Murphy & THE RISING SONS


The song opens up with the lyric “As I walk the streets of Dublin Town” and follows me on a journey through the streets of Dublin. For me the journey is both physical and memorate as I am trying to capture what Dublin has told me down the years through old songs and stories and the people who told/sung them. Its these songs, stories and people that make up the backbone of the song and provided the inspiration to write a Dublin Ballad in the first place. Finding a place within the song for all the instrumentation in the group wasnt the easiest task as we are a big band but I think we found the right formula in the end and I am very proud of the hard work gone into it by all the members of The Rising Sons and while I feel its a very strong track the video was the icing on the cake and just brought it to a new level for all of us.
Its a celebration of being a Dub,
A celebration of our city
A celebration of our history
And a celebration of our culture
  – George Murphy


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